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Statue of Liberty

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New York harbor, the United States of America.
One of the most famous landmarks in the world, the Statue od Liberty overlooks the New York harbor. Originally conceived as a gift from the French to the American people to honor the 1876 centennial
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celebration, the 46m-tall statue was unveiled in 1886.

The Statue of Liberty was originally called "Liberty Enlightening the World". It symbolizes liberty in the form of a woman wearing flowing robes and a spiked crown of seven spokes (symbolizing the seven oceans and the seven continents) who holds a torch aloft in her right hand and carries in her left a book of law inscribed "July 4, 1776". The broken chains, symbolizing the overthrow of tyranny, lie at her feet.
Originally conceived as a gesture of international friendship, the statue has become global symbol of freedom.
The giant sculpture, designed by the French sculptor Frèdèric Bartholdi, was given by France to the United States to commemorate the centennial of US independence and Bartholdi`s intention was to honor the idea of liberty.

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