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My Family


Below are the people in my life that I love and care most. They are my father, mother, brother, god brother and god sister.

  1. Father : Lim Leong Hwee
  2. Mother : Baptistine Foong Chooi Lin
  3. Brother : Lim Chuan Lee
  4. God Brother : Tengku Ahmad Nazri
  5. God Sister : Kong Su Cheng


My Father

My father is named Lim Leong Hwee. He was born in Terengganu in the year 1949. He is an electrician, and is going to work in Africa after working at Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Pahang (Kuantan), Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Myanmar in recent years. He was married in year 1973. As a husband, he takes a really good care of his wife. As a father, he loves his children so much. So far, he has given me everything that I needed, of course, and my brother too. As the head of the family, he always meets the needs of the family members. He loves us so much, I love him very much too. Though sometimes he is quite strict on me, he is the person on earth that I love most. I always pray for his success and happiness. Thus, I promise myself to take care of him and not to do anything that will hurt him. This is my father, and through this web, I think, is one of the ways to convey my love to him.

My mother

My mother is named Baptistine Foong Chooi Lin. She was born in Kuala Lumpur in the year 1951. She is a full-time homemaker and she was married in the year 1973. She loves her children as well as my father. It has been so many years I do not realize that she loves me as much as my brother until after I go study far away from home. Now, I wish to apologize for doubting about her love towards me. Though she has always wanted me to score as high marks as I can in my every examination, I never feel bad about that for it is my responsibility as a student and as a daughter. As a consequence, I study as hard as I can so as not to upset her with my poor results. In brief, I wish to convey my love to her through this web page design assignment too. Before I go further on my other family members, I pray that she will live happily for the rest of her life!


My Brother

My brother named Lim Chuan Lee. He was born in Kuala Terengganu in the year of 1980. He received his first education in Chung Hwa Wei Sin Primary School and then continue his study in Chung Hwa Wei Sin Secondary School which are located in Terengganu state. His academic performance in schools are quite well, both in academic as well as co-curriculum. Now (year 1999), he is waiting for his SPM result to come out. Here, I sincerely wish that he will get a flying-colors result.

Since young, we have not been so close. Consequently, we don't really understand each other. Anyway, I know I love him as much as I love my father. And I do hope that he knows I love him, mother loves him and so does father loves him. Here, again I wish he will succeed in his future undertakings and find his life has been meaningful eversince.


My God Brother

My God Brother is Tengku Ahmad Nazri. He was born in Kuala Terengganu in the year of 1978. He is now studying Information Technology course at University of Technology Petronas, Tronoh, Perak. We first met when we were both working as part-time cashiers in a shopping center back in my hometown. I am so glad to know him because he has been so good to me since we our first met. Though he is not my real brother, he treats me really well. Sometimes, he treats me even better than his own sisters and brother. He is realIy a good guy. I just want him to know that I certainly, and no doubt appreciate him and cherish him as well as our relationship. I will always pray for his happiness throughout my life.

My God Sister

My God Sister's name is Kong Su Cheng. I call her Kong. She was born in Kuala Terengganu in year 1977. She is now studying in University Sains Malaysia. She is majoring Physics and minoring in Mathematics. She will graduate by year 2001. I have known her since I was 13 years old. We know each other because we both in the Reading & Studying club in our secondary school. She is a very hard working person and thus had done very well in her SPM examination. She is also an active person and always participate in  school activities. That's the reason why I admire her. Though she has many sisters and brothers, she treats me like her own sister. Whenever I need her help, she is always there to help. I feel really glad to know her and be her god sister. Through my this first web page design, I wish to thank her for being such a good sister to me. I pray that our relationship will last forever.